5 KEY POINTS. HOW TO KEEP YOUR ACTIVEWEAR FRESH & NEW   Ok, it’s fair to say most ladies these days own a large amount of active wear. It’s become a wardrobe must have!  But are you looking after the activewear properly? Luckily, we don’t suggest your precious items need to be hand washed (... View Post
  • Body positivity, our view

    So, you'll notice that our messages will talk a LOT about body positivity (we might also call it 'body pos', or 'body posi'), and we'll be talking a lot about how it relates to good mental and spiritual health. Its an essential part of a conversation that we here at Anam really want to open up an... View Post
  • Motivation

       Hi all!    So here’s a question to consider. Whats the hardest part of sticking to a routine?    Now, this could be any type of routine- an exercise plan, a diet, a deadline, even going to sleep on time or waking up early. It could be getting to class on time, starting a new hobby, or even get... View Post