Did you know?

Anam is Gaelic for Soul. We chose this name for our brand due to our proud Irish roots. Anam is a Western Australian based, family run activewear brand. Hello from our family Leanne (wife and mother), Enda (husband and father), Baby Eabha and Giggsy the dog. We chose the name Anam together to represent the fact, that we have put our heart and soul into producing an activewear outfit that will make every woman look and feel free and positive.

Our logo is an Irish Triquetra also known as the trinity knot. This is an ancient Irish symbol found many times in the book of kells. The Triquetra has many meanings and one of these meanings is it is a symbol of ‘the triple goddess’. Each point on the Triquetra represents the 3 stages of a womans life. The maden (beautiful young woman), the mother (Mother Woman) and the chrone ( the older woman).



Anam was born from the founder Leanne's absolute passion for shopping, drinking coffee, doing house work & running after her lively 1 year old in her activewear. Replacing what once was a baggy t-shirt and worn joggers to something this is stylish, flattering and generally more acceptable to wear out the house.

Our goal for the Anam range is to ensure we have a solid garment available in every size that supports you whatever you do from the mum who take her daily walk (if only to get some peace) to the 5am riser who goes to the gym before going work.

We are super proud to offer a range that is made from one lady’s obsession for having activewear that offers comfort, style & support for every single event day-day.


The Anam Squat proof Promise

I always get asked “are you tights squat proof” – answer YES! We have your little peach covered here rest assured. We are so confident if you prove us otherwise we will refund you money! This is what we call the Anam Squat Proof promise.


Anam Values

  • We do not airbrush our photos
  • We don’t take ourselves too seriously
  • We create functional & flattering active wear that extends to size 20!
  • We are family owned
  • We usually leave love hearts after our messages & use way too many emoji’s


After a long time of research and perfecting, we are pleased to now bring you the first of our activewear range! If you'd like to know more please reach out to us, we love to chat! 


Much love,

The Anam Activewear Family